Krabi Thai Cookery School

Krabi Thai Cookery School


The one-day cooking course introduces the students to the ingredients, typical Thai vegetables and fruits, preparation of spicy Thai salad and the dishes of the classical Thai cuisine and not only in theorybut in practice as well.

After selecting the dishes they want to make the students prepare all the necessary ingredients. Every student is naturally supplied with utensils, wok and stove.

One of the secrets of Thai cooking is the use of spices. Here you can find a list of some ingredients including spices used in most Thai recipes. Each we will describe for you, including its Thai name. Hopefully all ingredients are available at your local market.

Nothing captures the imagination or the taste buds quite like Thai chilies. Thai cooks capitalize on the chili’s power in a kind of culinary ultimate force, it gets additional supplies of heat from garlic, ginger, vinegar and peppercorns. The fire is actually found in the membrane of the chilies in a substance called capsaicin, which stimulates nerve endings and fools your brain into thinking you are in pain.


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